WI Sustainable Business Council: Blue Honey Bio-Fuels achieves Green Professional award

WI Sustainable Business Council
Tom Eggert
Executive Director
[email protected]
608 267-2761

Blue Honey Bio-Fuels
James Glaser
General Manager
[email protected]

Blue Honey Bio-Fuels (BHBF) specializes in recycling used cooking oil throughout Wisconsin and is revolutionizing the “grease to fuel” industry with its sustainability practices. Recently earning a Green Professional status under the WI Sustainable Business Council’s Green Masters Program, Blue Honey Bio-Fuels has performed actions in each of nine “sustainability areas”.

BHBF currently collects and purchases used cooking oil from 500+ restaurants in Wisconsin, and 100% of the oil goes towards creating biodiesel and straight vegetable oil for fuel in the Midwest. “It’s incredibly exciting what we are doing. By working with restaurants and food establishments we have been able to distribute hundreds of thousands of gallons of clean biodiesel throughout the region. This has played a direct role in displacing imported gallons of fossil fuel, reducing our carbon footprint and keeping fuel dollars here in our region,” says James Glaser, General Manager of Blue Honey Bio-Fuels.

Blue Honey’s entire fleet runs on its own bio-fuel and the company provides an opportunity to all food establishments to become more sustainable. Recently, all of Blue Honey’s customers received certificates of recognition for their participation in keeping fuel dollars in our local economy and protecting our environment. “Blue Honey Bio-Fuels, with its mission to turn a waste product into a clean source of fuel, serves as a great example of a sustainable enterprise. They also provide an excellent opportunity for food establishments to market themselves as “greener” or more sustainable, especially as consumers are increasingly conscious about where they choose to spend their money,” says Tom Eggert, Executive Director of the WI Sustainable Business Council.

The Green Professional designation is the second highest tier in the Green Masters Program established by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council. Candidates are judged on a comprehensive range of sustainability issues from energy and natural resource use to education outreach and purchasing. 92 Wisconsin businesses have participated in the program where the top twenty percent achieve the highest “Green Master” designation. For more information, or a complete list of Green Masters Program participants, go to: http://www.greenmastersprogram.com.