Werner Electric Supply: Still thinking green


Cory Retzlaff

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Energy savings proved to be an area companies were investing in last year. Whether it was industrial or commercial facilities it was not just the conscious consumer that was thinking of ways to save energy. Large corporations and facilities use more energy due to the large sizes of facilities. Most workspaces are constantly using energy throughout the day and energy consumptions add up on the electric bill. In 2010, Werner Electric Supply completed 67 projects using energy efficient products. These changes made huge impact in terms of energy savings, overall $292,559 was saved in utility bills. Focus on Energy provided incentives for these projects to shorten the payback period and make such capital expenditures easier to justify.

According to a letter sent by Todd Hanson with Focus on Energy, “Last year we managed to remove 3,094 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that removed the equivalent of 592 cars from the road.”

Combined with the previous year, Werner Electric Supply’s effort to improve customer efficiency has resulted in energy savings of over $1,184,896. The resulting impact on the environment was the reduction of CO2 emissions by 12,530.48 tons.

Werner Electric Supply works with Focus on Energy to educate customers on the incentive process. “We not only educate the customers about incentives but we also walk them through the paper work process,” says Dan Ebben, V.P of Electrical Sales. The most important thing for the customer is to understand how to fill out the form and make sure it is submitted on time so they can get their money back after the installation. Werner Electric also conducts energy audits at the customer sight. “We are able to offer organizations evaluations of how much energy they are using and how much can be saved and suggest products that will cut down on their electricity consumption,” said Ebben.

Werner Electric Supply has provided quality electric and automation solutions since 1948. Headquartered in Neenah, Wis., Werner Electric has 10 locations throughout Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We offer a variety of services including training and technical support. Other training courses include security & surveillance systems, drive and process training, and NEC code updates.