Valicom: Releases new white paper – Seven Strong Tactics to Contain Telecom Costs

Valicom, a twenty year veteran of telecom auditing, today published a new telecom expense management white paper entitled “Seven Strong Tactics to Contain Telecom Costs” outlining seven best practices in managing telecom and wireless costs. The white paper is a good primer for setting up a good telecom expense management program. The paper also showcases how modern web-based telecom expense management software tools support the use of these best practices.

As voice and wireless environments get more complex, it is even more important to leverage intelligent management tactics to identify and address the best cost savings opportunities. Drawing on its extensive telecom auditing experience, Valicom lays out a framework for building a strong telecom expense management program, and highlights how modern web-based software tools support the use of these best practices.

Mike Krogman, Director of Client Services at Valicom, and a thirteen year veteran of telecom analysis, stated, “We tried to distill our top ideas into this paper, so telecom managers can quickly understand where they should focus their energy when trying to gain control over their environment.”

Krogman continued, “We know that things are getting harder, as new technologies and devices increase the scope of telecom management, but to be honest, no matter what you are managing, the best practices stay the same. If you can create a good foundation, and implement good software tools, you can tackle almost anything.”

Valicom offers Clearview, its web-based telecom expense, inventory and invoice management software, and delivers an a la carte suite of telecom auditing solutions. This supports the best practice of only using the services your business really needs.

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