UW-Whitewater: Marketing professors top national study

Students studying marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater are learning from the most productive professors in the United States.

A report by the Journal of Marketing Education ranked UW-Whitewater No. 1 in the nation, based on the number of articles published by faculty members in prominent business education journals in the last decade. UW-Whitewater outranked schools such as Baylor University, Texas Tech University and University of Denver.

“Marketing education, like education in all fields, is all about being current and presenting students with new ideas and new learning experiences,” said Jimmy Peltier, professor of marketing. “Publishing in high-quality and nationally ranked marketing education journals is difficult, and only articles that advance marketing education are accepted. The fact that UW-Whitewater is the top producing university is something to cheer about.”

Peltier tied for first place among all authors with six articles published. William Drago, professor of management, made the top five with four articles published. Topics included improving online education, assessing students’ levels of critical thinking, privacy in marketing, managing information in social media, and international education.

Having faculty members publish in these journals is a strong indication that the university offers exceptional educational experiences for its students.

“The College of Business and Economics is first and foremost a teaching institution, but we recognize that being a good teacher demands active scholarship,” said Christine Clements, dean. “The faculty who make the choice to come to UW-Whitewater really care about students and student learning, and they are supported and rewarded for research that supports these values.”