UW-Madison: Wisconsin Involvement Network to debut this fall


CONTACT: Sheila Keaton, 608-263-1020,
[email protected]

MADISON – Starting this fall semester, the University of Wisconsin-Madison will be launching a campuswide initiative called the Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN).

This new program, supported by software called CollegeLink, will help students track and organize their extracurricular activities outside of class.

Purchasing and implementing new, innovative software has been an interest of the UW-Madison Center for Leadership and Involvement as it continues to pursue a more efficient way of registering student organizations.

WIN, however, will not solely be used in the Center for Leadership and Involvement, but all across campus.

“With the decentralized nature of UW-Madison, many of the processes that can be incorporated into WIN are housed in different departments,” says the center’s Sheila Keaton.

By allowing students to create profiles and receive recommendations about opportunities that match their interests, WIN will connect students to events and other involvement prospects.

In addition to student profiles, student organizations may register with WIN to share photos, messages, news, and other information about their group. Each organization’s website also allows leaders to recruit new members, manage member rosters, promote events, create documents for members to access and connect to other campus resources.

Starting Oct. 1, organizations will be able to apply for multiple event grants at one time. In the past, organizations had to apply for each grant separately. With WIN, however, they will be able to fill out one application and can apply for up to four collaborating grants at once.

With WIN’s launch in the fall, students will be able to manage their organizations in one place.

“Students will spend more time being involved and less time trying to navigate campus systems,” says Keaton. “It leaves more time to manage their involvement.”

WIN is funded partially through the Student Information Technology Initiative Advisory Committee.

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