UW-Madison: Second annual Digital Salon to be held in April

Contact: Sarah McDaniel, 608-262-4308, [email protected]

MADISON- The University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries and the Digital Humanities Initiative will host Digital Salon, an exhibition of new media projects from undergraduate and graduate students from April 10-15.

Both artistic and research-based projects are included, with many inspired by from themes explored in classes across campus.

The second annual Digital Salon will showcase myriad project mediums, including podcasts, videos, animations, graphic novels, websites, blogs, multimedia installations, and posters. Coordinator Sarah McDaniel adds that this year’s exhibition will be integrated with other events happening on campus.

“All of the exhibits will be happening concurrently,” she says.

Last year, the Digital Salon took place in the College Library, however this year the committee is selecting pieces to be shown in three locations: a main exhibition in College Library, a Digital Salon exhibition during the one-day Undergraduate Symposium on Tuesday, April 12 at the Memorial Union, and projects will also shown at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.

McDaniel says that students create projects in response to assignments in particular courses, however some projects are created independently. “A lot of projects are more personal and have a larger slice of personal reflection,” she says.

Last year the Digital Salon had a strong focus on digital arts and humanities, however, this year the exhibition will have a broader focus. With this change, more undergraduate and graduate students can be involved, organizers say.

Additionally, there will be an online exhibition at http://www.college.library.wisc.edu/digitalsalon/exhibit.html.