Transportation Development Association: Wisconsin Aviation Week July 25-July 31

Craig Thompson, Executive Director 608.256.7044 7.21.2011

Madison – Governor Scott Walker has declared July 25-July 31, 2011 Wisconsin Aviation Week. A week for education, awareness and celebration of Wisconsin’s multibillion-dollar aviation industry, Aviation Week is also a time to recognize the contribution that the industry makes to our state’s economy.

“It is important for this state to recognize and build upon the assets that we possess. Our network of general aviation airports is a tremendous asset,” said Transportation Development Association Executive Director, Craig Thompson.

Many Wisconsin businesses rely on the more than 140 commercial, reliever and general aviation airports as a way to connect to other parts of the United States and the world. Businesses such as CUNA Mutual and FABCO Equipment Inc. directly depend on these services to continue conducting their national and global businesses at a competitive level.

“CUNA Mutual considers Wisconsin’s airports, including Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, as valuable business assets,” said Vice President of Corporate Communications, Jim Buchheim. “The convenience our local airport affords is important to hundreds of CUNA Mutual employees, business partners and customers who fly in and out of Madison each year.”

“We can provide the services our customers need when others can’t thanks to the excellent network of airports in Wisconsin,” said Jeré C. Fabick, President and CEO of FABCO. “The speed, efficiency and flexibility provided by our aircraft operations affords my company a unique competitive advantage for us as a Caterpillar dealer. We are able to offer a superior level of service to our customers that wouldn’t be possible by any other method.”

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation Bureau of Aeronautics reported that Wisconsin flights served 6.7 million passengers last year, a 17 percent increase from 2009, and moved more than 119 million pounds of cargo, a 27 percent increase from 2009.

“Communities that are readily accessible by air transportation, complimented with an Interstate highway system, are at a competitive advantage which can be transformed into economic and quality of life benefits for every resident,” said Tom Miller, Airport Director at Austin Straubel International Airport in Brown County. “In 2010, the economic contribution of the Green Bay airport to the local and regional economy of northeastern Wisconsin totaled some $111.9 million.”

The Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin is a statewide alliance representing more than 400 transportation stakeholders committed to working together for the best in transportation. TDA members include business, labor, units of government, individuals, organizations and airports.

For more information on Wisconsin Aviation Week or the Transportation Development Association visit or contact Craig Thompson at 608.256.7044.