TrafficCast: Releases Mini-BlueTOAD for data analysis of travel times and route behavior

Convenient Form Factor Measures Travel Times and Vehicle Movements Anonymously

MADISON, WI, May 18, 2011 – TrafficCast International, Inc., today announced the release of Mini-BlueTOAD, an advanced traffic monitoring technology in a small form factor that discretely measures travel times, road speeds and route behaviors for road network planning and performance analysis through anonymous detection of Bluetooth™ signals from passing vehicles.

Mini-BlueTOAD enables detections for later analysis with a remarkably small device. Measuring less than six inches square, Mini-BlueTOAD attaches to virtually any existing roadside infrastructure. Its battery powers continuous data collection for up to two weeks without a recharge. An optional small-form solar panel, about the size of an open magazine, can recharge the battery for longer studies. Data is stored on a Micro SD card, and downloaded through a simple client interface for analysis through BlueTOAD’s market leading travel time and routing algorithms. BlueTOAD™ is an acronym for Bluetooth Travel-time Origination And Destination.

“Agencies and their consultants recognize the accuracy and value of BlueTOAD data,” said Paul Misticawi, Vice President of Public Sector Sales for TrafficCast. “For situations where they don’t require the data in real time, they’ve wanted an even more convenient form factor. Since mini-BlueTOAD doesn’t require a large battery to support cellular communications, we’ve been able to address this need with a product size that is easy to install and move around in order to study road network performance, signal timing and data-based roadwork planning.”

Mini-BlueTOAD extends the BlueTOAD product line to offer a consistent format of accurate traffic monitoring for both operations in real-time and requirements for passive data collection. The original BlueTOAD configuration offers completely independent operation; BlueTOAD/CONNECT, introduced in January, is an Ethernet-based BlueTOAD Card that slides directly into any standard Detector rack found in modern roadside signal cabinets. All BlueTOAD products are non-intrusive to roadway infrastructure and remarkably cost-effective relative to legacy technologies that gather comparable data

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