TrafficCast: Econolite Canada to distribute TrafficCast BlueTOAD

Advanced Traffic and Travel Time Monitoring Technology Available for Transportation Agencies in all Canadian Provinces and Territories

MADISON, WI March 1, 2011 – TrafficCast International, Inc. today announced that Econolite Canada, Inc. will distribute its BlueTOADTM line of products, enabling localized sales services and technical support in the ten provinces and three territories of Canada.

Econolite Canada is an innovator of transportation management solutions and represents a wide range of advanced technology products, including traffic signal controllers, traffic management systems and video detection systems.

BlueTOAD (an acronym for Bluetooth Travel-­‐time Origination And Destination) detects anonymous mobile device identifications used to connect Bluetooth technologies such as “hands-­‐free” headsets and audio syncing.

The technology solution calculates travel time by analysis of timestamps on subsequent tags in passing vehicles, and can also identify route behaviors from vehicle movements.

“From our clients and partners here in Canada, we recognized a distinct need for accurate travel times and road speeds, especially in expressway work zones and arterial roadways,” said Cal Lusted, National Sales Manager, Econolite Canada, Inc.

“BlueTOAD combines configuration flexibility with non-­‐intrusive installations to deliver an advanced and accurate technology to meet this need.”

“BlueTOAD determines travel time directly, with direct and installation costs that are significantly less than alternatives,” added Cal.

“It also delivers meaningful Origin-­‐Destination data which is increasingly important to funding requests.

We’re very happy to have the product in our portfolio.”

“BlueTOAD greatly expands the coverage of travel times and road speeds, particularly for areas that more traditional sensors cannot address efficiently, such as arterials and on/off-­‐ramps,” said Paul Misticawi, Vice President of Public Sector Sales for TrafficCast.

“It also enables robust analysis of driver route choices to support agency planning needs.

With Econolite Canada, we’re confident that the advantages realized by agencies, consultants and contractors here in the States will be realized ‘north of the border’ as well.”

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