The Willow Store: Launches reusable future

KEVA Business Partnership Will Give Consumers New Options and a New Location

Starting this week consumers will have more options in how they buy and receive goods from The Willow Store with its new Reusable Future retail site (, a virtual one stop general store for all things natural. As part of a new partnership with Middleton’s KEVA Sports & Event Center, consumers can purchase items online and then pick them at designated weekly pickup time at KEVA. This strategic marketing alliance between KEVA and Reusable Future also includes special discount offers for KEVA members.

This partnership with KEVA Sports & Event Center is unique in that it’s being used to launch Reusable Future to consumers. Last year, the Verona-based Willow Store launched Sprout Change, its new patent-pending reusable diaper system and added Wool Dryer Balls to its natural laundry lineup. “KEVA is the premiere Madison area athletic resource for parents and children, we believe that this partnership will fill a growing need for easy-access to natural lifestyle goods for active families,” said Catherine Bolden, owner of The Willow Store and Reusable Future.

Every week, thousands of Dane County parents and children participate, watch and play at KEVA Sports & Event Center, one of Middleton’s most popular family attractions. “We are committed to promoting local businesses such as Reusable Future and The Willow Store, this partnership gives our parents a convenient pick up option,” David O’Keefe, VP of Sales and Fun, KEVA Sports & Event Center said. KEVA is celebrating its 11th year of being in business

In the past year, the five year old Willow Store has been featured in numerous print, radio, television and Internet media outlets including Mothering Magazine, Milwaukee Public Radio, Wisconsin Eye’s Business Profile and The Wisconsin State Journal.