TASCET: ICONNs take identification into the 21st century

Contact: Lynnea Krajco, Communications Manager

(608) 442-8888 ext. 2026 or [email protected]

Aims to Eliminate the Use of Social Security Numbers

MADISON, Wis. – TASCET (http://www.tascet.com), a company dedicated to your privacy, today announced ICONN™, a digital representation of an individual’s unique characteristics used to assert identity. ICONNs are available in five sectors – The Financial ICONN, Health ICONN, Academic ICONN, Cyber ICONN and Resident ICONN – and are confirmed through TASCET’s Identity Infrastructure at the individual’s request when receiving services.

The individual provides limited biographic information, Fingerproofs™ and a Faceproof™. Once confirmed as unique by TASCET, the entity offering goods and services is issued an industry-specific identifier that is linked to the individual’s ICONN. This enables the individual to quickly, securely and anonymously verify their identity upon subsequent visits and at the same time streamlines workflow for businesses while reducing costs associated with identity fraud and penalties resulting from compliance failures.

“The common denominator to compliance in these sectors is who you are doing business with,” said Larry Aubol, CEO at TASCET. “Having the Identity Infrastructure in place to confirm ICONNs enables entities to meet evolving business needs and fraud threats while staying ahead of compliance five, ten, twenty years from now.”

Each individual receives an ICONN unique to five areas of life where privacy and security are needed most. It is a simple yet secure way for consumers to be verified anonymously without remembering a number, password or pin or carrying a card or token. ICONNs eliminate the need to acquire consumer information from multiple data mining vendors and proactively solve issues and threats related to fraud.

For organizations and businesses, the ICONN™:
* Offers a strong, proactive and efficient approach to compliance regulations.
* Decreases costs associated with identity fraud and reactive fraud prevention practices.
* Strengthens reputation and branding as customers know their security and confidentiality are a priority.
* Reduces the reliance upon documents that are easy to forge, steal or purchase when proving identity.
* Enables identity confirmation across all industry sectors.

For consumers, the ICONN™:
* Protects them from identity fraud.
* Offers peace of mind knowing that medical decisions are made based on their identity.
* Puts students in control of the release and exchange of their transcripts, grades and schedules.
* Allows users to remain anonymous and in control of their identity and privacy for e-commerce, banking or accessing websites.
* Offers convenience when applying for state services.


Founded in 2005 and based in Madison, Wis., TASCET built an Identity Infrastructure that is available to organizations in the financial services, healthcare, education, cyber and government sectors. The Identity Infrastructure is based on the principles of privacy, flexibility and third-party management. The Infrastructure serves as the backbone for Technology as a Service (TaaS) that enables businesses to confirm an individual’s identity – and the consistency of the identity – as they move from one organization or industry sector to another. The Identity Infrastructure helps organizations maintain data integrity, meet compliance regulations, and eliminate the use of government-issued identifiers while giving consumers control of their privacy. TASCET is non-transactional and does not data mine, sell information or monitor transactions. Visit http://www.tascet.com for more information.