TASCET: Completes identity infrastructure for America

Enables Real-Time Digital Identity Confirmation Across Multiple Industries

MADISON, Wis. – TASCET (http://www.tascet.com), a company dedicated to your privacy, today announced the completion of its Identity Infrastructure, a platform enabling the free flow of digital identities across industries while returning privacy to consumers.

The Identity Infrastructure is a hard infrastructure backbone enveloped in a soft infrastructure that interfaces with the financial, education and healthcare systems as well as government, cyber and emergency services. Work on the Identity Infrastructure began in June 2005 and was completed in November.

“Historically, business entities and state governments have verified credentials without identifying the holder of the credentials. Verification without identification promotes fraud and terrorism,” said Larry Aubol, CEO at TASCET. “America needs an infrastructure that makes the country safer and more secure in a digital world – one that spurs growth in the economy and, most importantly, one without a ‘big brother’ shadow.”

The Identity Infrastructure is designed for rapid adoption into existing business processes and technical requirements with minimal disruption. The Infrastructure is based on service oriented architecture (SOA) which provides high levels of reliability, scalability and performance. The system’s data centers are regularly audited for both SAS 70 Type 2 and PCI standards for operating effectiveness.

“Our identity infrastructure was developed to adapt as the demand for privacy and identity confirmation increases,” said Rocky Alam, enterprise architect at TASCET. “For the first time, one-to-many matching can occur across multiple industry sectors through a system that is scalable to support up to 500 million identity records in real time.”

Financial and educational institutions, healthcare providers, state governments and the cyber markets are positioned to meet compliance rules, provide anonymity and rebuild trust and confidence with consumers.


Founded in 2005 and based in Madison, Wis., TASCET built an Identification Infrastructure that is available to organizations in the financial services, healthcare, education, cyber and government sectors. The Identity Infrastructure is based on the principles of privacy, flexibility and third-party management. The Infrastructure serves as the backbone for Technology as a Service (TaaS) that enables businesses to confirm an individual’s identity – and the consistency of the identity – as they move from one organization or industry sector to another. The Identity Infrastructure helps organizations maintain data integrity, meet compliance regulations, and eliminate the use of government-issued identifiers while giving consumers control of their privacy. TASCET is non-transactional and does not data mine, sell information or monitor transactions. Visit http://www.tascet.com for more information.