State Senate Democratic Committee: Sens. Moulton, Wanggaard, and Galloway run businesses out of Wisconsin

Contact: Gillian Morris, SSDC Communications Director, (414) 975-0586, [email protected]

With Walker’s Phony Special Session on Jobs, GOP Senators Fight Against Jobs

MADISON — On the eve of Governor Walker’s Special Session on “jobs” that includes a bill to invest in Wisconsin bioscience businesses, Senators Moulton, Wanggaard and Galloway previously introduced a bill to drive Wisconsin stem cell research and the thousands of jobs that go with it out of Wisconsin.

Among the bills Governor Walker requested be addressed in this special session is a bill to create a board and reserve fund to “foster growth of small start-up, bioscience businesses in Wisconsin.” Alternatively, GOP Senators introduced Senate Bill 172, a bill to severely curtail the life-saving, stem cell research first pioneered in Wisconsin. SB172 would create additional bureaucracy and regulations, forcing the multi-million dollar industry out of Wisconsin according to biotech advocates and business leaders. This bill could end Wisconsin’s status as the heart of life saving, stem cell research.

“If Wisconsin’s GOP senators truly cared about creating and retaining jobs in Wisconsin, the last thing they would do is over regulate a multimillion dollar, expanding industry based in Wisconsin,” said Gillian Morris, State Senate Democratic Committee Communications Director. “Why are we running good paying jobs out of Wisconsin that will not only support families, but save lives? Clearly Wisconsin’s GOP priorities are out of order.”

Senators Grothman, Galloway, Lazich, Leibham, Moulton, Wanggaard, Zipperer and Kedzie clearly care more about an extreme social agenda rather than making sure Wisconsinites have access to family supporting jobs.