S&S Cycle: Unveils stock replacement parts catalog

(Viola, WI) S&S Cycle Inc. introduces their new Stock Replacement Parts Catalog. If you need to fix a Harley®, you need this book!

S&S is known as a go-fast company, but a lot of our components can be used as stock replacement parts for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. High quality replacement parts are sometimes hard to find, but here’s a source for many basic engine components that will make servicing Harley® motors a lot easier. These are the same parts we use in our premium engines from S&S® and Flathead Power®.

These S&S parts might actually be better quality than the stock parts they replace, but your engine won’t mind! In addition to parts for late model engines, S&S also offers many hard to find items for older bikes under the Flathead Power brand. If you work on vintage Harley engines, you’ll be glad to know that S&S offers faithful reproductions of vintage components that look like the original parts but are made with 21st century materials and techniques. They’re great for service and restoration.

If you need a set of heads for a UL sidevalve, cylinders for a knuckle, or rocker arms for a 2012 Twin Cam 103™, S&S has them all. We have a lot of parts that could make the difference between getting a job done and having to wait. Don’t you hate that?

Among the benefits of using S&S parts for routine work is the fact that you can get the parts and get on the road, but most importantly there’s the peace of mind in knowing that you’re using superior quality S&S components. So the next time you need some stock replacement parts, take a look at the S&S-to-stock cross reference chart in the back of the S&S Stock Replacement Parts Catalog to find an S&S part that will fit the bill.

The S&S Stock Replacement Parts Catalog is available for viewing or downloading from the S&S website at http://www.sscycle.com/catalog/.