Spartan Animal Hospital: Injured alligators flown to Wis. for treatment

McFarland, Wis.-Two American alligators injured during a break-in at a Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, home are being shipped via a Medivac flight from Pennsylvania to Spartan Animal Hospital in McFarland, Wisconsin for veterinary surgical care on November 10, 2011. The two alligators will be under the care of Michael Wenninger, DVM, of Spartan Animal Hospital, who has extensive experience with a wide variety of exotic animals. Dr. Wenninger has worked as an attending veterinarian and consultant for several zoos and is also recognized for his expertise with anesthesia and surgery for reptiles. The owner of the alligators John Boyko, elected to ship the animals to Wisconsin for surgery and post-operative care. Boyko works in conjunction with the entertainment industry supplying alligators for television and film.

During the break-in, it is alleged that over 50 rocks were thrown at the alligators. One of the alligators sustained a fractured femur and is in need of extensive orthopedic surgery to repair the broken bone. The other alligator has a prolapse and will need endoscopy to determine the underlying problem.

Charges against the alleged perpetrators are pending. The injured animals will be housed at Spartan Animal Hospital for a period of 12-16 weeks post-surgery for recovery before being flown back to Pennsylvania to resume their careers.

“With the addition of Dr. Wenninger at Spartan Medical Hospital, we extended our services from small animal and equine care, to the treatment of exotic species such as these two alligators,” states Hank Clemmons, DVM, the founder and owner of the Spartan Animal Hospital. “We look forward to the arrival of our two newest patients and to sending them back to work after their full recovery.”

Spartan Animal Hospital is a small animal practice that has been proudly located in McFarland, Wisconsin since 1987. Spartan Animal Hospital is committed to offering the highest quality care and services for pets of all kinds. The compassionate doctors at Spartan have over 35 years combined experience. Each veterinarian and team member is strongly devoted to the health and well being of animals. Dr. Wenninger is accepting new patients and has extensive experience with a wide variety of exotic animals.