Silver Spring Foods: Manufactures kosher horseradish products for Passover

Contact: Joan Collins Publicity, Inc.
(608) 222-2899

Silver Spring Foods, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the world’s largest producer and processor of horseradish, has completed production of two horseradish products for Passover, under the supervision of Rabbi Revven Drori, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Rabbi Drori recently spent a week at the Silver Spring Foods plant when processed horseradish for Passover was manufactured, under strict kosher Jewish dietary regulations. The entire factory production was devoted to manufacturing Silver Spring Prepared Horseradish for Passover and Silver Spring Horseradish with Beets. Both products include the Union Orthodox signature stamp, one of the world’s most respected symbols of kosher approval.

Eric Rygg, marketing manager, said, “the kosher horseradish production is timed so products can be on the grocery shelves, nationwide, by mid-March. We wait until February to make our Passover horseradish products, to ensure the peak of freshness. The horseradish roots are grown locally in fields near our plant.

Both products include fresh ground horseradish, naturally preserved with vinegar and are available in the refrigerated section of grocery and specialty foods stores nationwide and can also be ordered online.

“ We keep horseradish cold to keep the flavor hot and fresh,” Rygg said.

All Silver Spring Food products, including horseradish, mustards, organic products and specialty mustard and wasabi sauces are certified kosher, under the supervision of Rabbi
Drori. The special horseradish for Passover production is manufactured once a year, under the more strict Passover regulations.

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