Scopia Technologies: welcomes visitors from 82 countries

For Immediate Release

August 1, 2011

Contacts: Ophir Ben-Yitschak
[email protected]

+1-414-467-4611 or +1-414-228-9962

Milwaukee, WI, USA: From the USA to China, Korea to Senegal, South Africa to Norway; Scopia Technologies LLC, a local startup and creator of the online travel and tourism search engine ( has welcomed website users from 82 countries across the globe. The visitors use the site to search for the nearest airports, rail and bus stations and book airport transportation and other intermodal travel options in 79 different countries.

“This is my favorite periodic report to read”, says Ophir Ben-Yitschak, CEO of Scopia Technologies LLC, “It shows where users are from and which destination were searched. I am very happy to see our product is useful to people from around the world as much as I love to see the list of countries from which searches originate grow every month. Our aim from the start was to create a universally-understood portal, helpful and easy to use. This demonstrates we are decisively on our way. “

The plan for calls for the creation of a travel and tourism platform on which users can search and create dynamic intermodal itineraries from anywhere to anywhere in the world, combining all modes of transportation into one trip – air, ground and sea – as well as hotels and activities at each destination. Results will be based on user preferences and other parameters.

At the current stage of development, users can search any address, city name or major attraction and instantly see nearby airports (nearly 10,000 airports are featured), public transportation in over 190 cities and book airport shuttles, car rentals and other services. At each point in the search, users have the ability to book travel directly with the transportation provider by simply clicking on the text link or banner in the search results.

“It’s really quite simple”, continues Ben-Yitschak, “our map icons are all color coded by type of transportation so it’s easy to understand where things are and how one destination geographically relates to another. All you have to do once you find the nearest airports to a location, is to click on the icon to see which scheduled and unscheduled airlines fly there and which services are currently available from our database, such as flights, airport parking, hotels and even VIP lounges. From here, you’re just a click away from booking the service you need”.

In many locations across the USA, Europe and Australia, GoScopia even displays RV rentals and has also begun to show bicycle rentals in some city centers. Motorbike rentals are planned for the near future. Yet, the next “big thing”, as Ben-Yitschak calls it, is the addition of thousands of sea and river ports around the world. “We are in the process of collecting data about services available at the ports, such as cruise lines, yacht rentals, ferry lines, transportation companies, hotels and local tour operators for shore excursions.“

After adding the ports, the company plans to enhance content on its website by adding country, city and node pages. The user will just click on a location icon on the map to open a new page filled with useful information about local hotels, tours, restaurants, taxi companies, public transportation, airport/port maps, business services, etc. GoScopia aims to be as “down to earth” as possible by showing a “local friend” at each place, such as a tour operator, who can answer questions, make reservations for services and handle certain emergencies or changes. “Regardless of how much technology has evolved, there will always be a need for human interaction and local knowledge”, says Ben-Yitschak, “and with GoScopia it will be an email or local phone call away, no matter where you are”.

Scopia Technologies and its site deliver door-to-door travel solutions for the on-line customer. Users have the ability to search individual destinations and discover the multi-modal travel options that will save them time and money. It is a unique service using patent-pending technology to aggregate transportation modes, schedules and travel services specific to the origin and destination(s) from and to which the Scopia user is planning to travel. The company is currently exploring possibilities of developing a mobile platform which will allow users to find and book nearby travel related products “on the go”. More information can be found on the corporate website, and the development stages can be followed on Twitter at or on Facebook at