Racine TEA Party: Several Wisconsin TEA Party leaders support BUY-cott

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Racine, WI – Union organizers in Wisconsin have tried to harm Wisconsin business through their boycott and harassment tactics—but their antics have had the opposite effect. Citizens fed up with the intimidation and threatening behavior are standing up to support a state-wide BUY-COTT of Wisconsin business—EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

The latest union-driven protest of placing damaging, crude, anti-Walker stickers on grocery products this weekend will be met by the CITIZENS BUY-COTT of Wisconsin business! We will dedicate our support to BUY-COTT every product, store, business owner who is subject to these underhanded, and unethical attempts to harm them. From here on out, We the People pledge to support OUR Wisconsin business with our efforts.

We encourage all citizens to patronize businesses targeted by union boycotts and intimidation—or on lists passed around for that purpose. We encourage all citizens to target their purchase of products to businesses targeted by union boycotts and intimidation. We encourage all citizens to report any examples of threats, intimidation, harassment and boycotting they know of to us—and we will make sure to BUY-COTT those same businesses.

Governor Walker said, loudly and proudly, WISCONSIN IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS. We aim to make sure that happens! As unions continue with their attempts to divide, TEA parties across the state are united in supporting ALL WISCONSIN BUSINESSES!

A list of businesses targeted by the CITIZENS BUY-COTT is available at our facebook page:


When: April 28th – year end

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