PROGRESS Label: Supports Wisconsin workers

Contact: Drew Mueske

Phone: 920-292-0386

Email: [email protected]


In response to overwhelming demand PROGRESS Label Clothing has released a series of limited-edition shirt designs titled WISCONSIN WORKERS in support of the fight for democracy in Wisconsin.

The limited-edition designs went on pre-sale Monday, Feb. 21 on the PROGRESS website,

PROGRESS Label Clothing is showing their support for public employees, private sector workers, small business owners, taxpayers and citizens by donating $3 from the purchase of every WISCONSIN WORKERS shirt to the non-profit organization, Progressives United. “Our first reaction wasn’t to create new t-shirt designs, but to inform our neighbors, energize the taxpayers, and create conversation wherever we could. But since you asked, we designed and released a series of Wisconsin Workers limited edition, Union-made t-shirt designs addressing the fight for workers rights in Wisconsin and the epic battle for democracy,” PROGRESS Label.

The WISCONSIN WORKERS shirts are printed with water-based inks by partner business, Offbeat Press, an eco-conscious Oshkosh, WI screen-printing & design company.

About PROGRESS Label Clothing

PROGRESS Label Clothing is a Wisconsin-based, socially conscious and politically progressive graphic clothing company. PROGRESS uses ethically produced American-made apparel and eco-conscious water-based inks. Their full catalog is available at or