Paul Rux: Featured in MyBusiness, the trade journal of the National Federation of Independent Business

Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin.

The January-February issue of MyBusiness, the trade journal of the National Federation of Independent Business, or NFIB, features a full-page color photo of Paul Rux, Ph.D. at the start of its lead story on advice for home-based business.

Dr. Rux consults on business and educational planning and projects from his home office in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. The NFIB promotes the start and growth of small business, which requires expert planning for success.

As part of its mission NFIB also lobbies for laws to support small business. Rux has served on the State Leadership Council of the NFIB in Wisconsin since 2002. NFIB has over 13,500 small business owner members in Wisconsin and over 365,000 members nationwide.

Dr. Rux also serves as a state judge for the NFIB’s annual Youth Entrepreneur Award (scholarship). This draws on his skill with teaching business M.B.A. and D.B.A. courses online.

“Telework’ from home offices is the wave of the future and NFIB is a great support resource for home-based businesses,” observed Rux. He is also a Professional Member of the World Future Society, the premier trade group for trend forecasters.

Rux believes his blend of “futuring” and graduate business teaching has helped him to value NFIB as a source for creating new jobs through small and home-based business. He is grateful for the chance to share his insights through NFIB’s national journal.


Paul Rux, PH.D.


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