Paul Rux: Accepts invitation to Business Intelligence Board of Chief Learning Officer magazine

Paul Rux, Ph.D., Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, has received and accepted an invitation to renew his membership on the Business Intelligence Board of Chief Learning Officer magazine for the year 2012.

Chief Learning Officer is the foremost resource in the rapidly growing industry of workforce learning and development. The flagship magazine and related network of publications, electronic media and international events have made CLO the pre-eminent source of thought leadership for senior-level executives. CLO provides them with constant access to reliable, relevant information, as well as forums for connecting with other global learning leaders.

Dr. Rux is a founding faculty member of the new Jones International University online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program. Jones recruited him because of his expert teaching skills and know-how in student-centered course and curriculum design. Dr. Rux helps doctoral students to design and carry out applied research to solve leading-edge business problems and seize new business opportunities.

“Today, the competitive edge belongs to ‘learning organizations’ that are able to capture and apply ‘lessons learned’ from their own operations and those of rivals to gain competitive advantage,” observed Dr. Rux. “More than ever, applied research and teaching skills are crucial to business success. Chief Learning Officer is a leader of this new trend; it is exciting to work with and advise such ‘futurists.’”

Rux earned his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He is a Professional Member of the World Future Society, which focuses on trend forecasting as a guide to strategic planning and success. When he is not teaching and designing online courses, Dr. Rux works as a management consultant.


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