NFIB/Wisconsin: Wisconsin small business cheers governor for signing tort reform as part of larger economic growth strategy

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NFIB says Governor and legislative leaders showed courage in standing up to trial lawyers, special interests groups

MADISON – The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) said this morning that small businesses across Wisconsin are extremely grateful to Governor Scott Walker and legislative leaders for having stood up to the trial bar and special interest groups in their successful effort to enact tort reform.

“This is a new day for small businesses in Wisconsin,” said Bill G. Smith, director of the state chapter of NFIB. “The greatest fear that many small business have is that they can do everything right, weather the toughest economic climate and still be destroyed by a dubious lawsuit.”

Less than a month after taking office Governor Walker signed legislation today overhauling the state’s civil liability system. The new law, said Smith, said that the new law will encourage job creation, restore fairness and reduce the cost of Wisconsin’s civil justice system.

According to Smith, Wisconsin’s system made it particularly easy for parties to file baseless lawsuits that threaten the survival of small businesses.

“It really was an impediment to business and job growth and it needed to be reformed as part of a larger economic plan,” said Smith “Small businesses are very pleased by this reform, and we believe that it will produce broader economic results from which the entire state will benefit.”

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