NFIB/Wisconsin: Wisconsin small business applauds Walker budget

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NFIB calls budget proposal a businesslike blueprint for managing spending

MADISON (March 1, 2011)– The Wisconsin chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the state’ leading advocacy group for small businesses, said today that Governor Scott Walker’s budget proposal would finally put Wisconsin on a sustainable course by matching spending with revenue.

“It’s a very businesslike, forward-looking plan that brings state spending into line with state revenue,” said state Director Bill G. Smith. “Small business owners have to live within their means. Homeowners have to live within their means. It’s time for government at every level in Wisconsin to live within its means.”

Smith said that small business owners are especially encouraged by Walker’s proposals to cap property taxes and exempt from the capital gains tax long-term investments in Wisconsin-based businesses.

“The property tax is the largest tax paid by most small businesses, so this is very welcomed relief,” said Smith. “And the capital gains exemption will reward entrepreneurs for starting new businesses and creating new jobs in Wisconsin.

“The pro-growth elements of his budget are very aggressive, and they send a highly credible message that Wisconsin is open for business,” he continued.

Walkerand the new Legislature are struggling this year to close a $3.6 billion budget deficit. The easy solution, said Smith, would have been for them to raise taxes again on small business owners and middle-class taxpayers.

“Wisconsin has a long-term structural imbalance that needs to be resolved for future generations,” said Smith. “Governor Walker understands that the only long-term solution is to make government leaner and more efficient.”

Proof of the need for top-to-bottom spending reforms, according to Smith, has been the state’s long-standing practice of raiding segregated funds to pay for operating expenses.

“This is a more honest spending plan than anything we’ve seen in recent years,” said Smith. “It doesn’t rely on one-shot gimmicks to patch holes in the operating budget. It is a proposal based on the integrity and values of the Wisconsin’s small business community.”

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