NCCM Company: Takes ownership of 3M mill roll technology business

River Falls, WI . . . The yellow mill rolls that 3M introduced to improve ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing has a new owner as of January of 2009, NCCM Company of River Falls, WI. To paraphrase Shakespeare, the company name may be different, but the color and performance characteristics of the product line will remain the same. The yellow roll that you know is now NCCM.

“While we appreciate the trust and confidence the customers of our mill roll business have placed in the 3M name, these products are now owned by NCCM Company,” says Darrell Degeus, Business Development Director of 3M’s Abrasive Systems Division. “This business was born of 3M’s coating technologies. We are confident NCCM is well suited to carry on the proud heritage of this business.”

“Brent Niccum, NCCM’s founder and CEO, is a former 3M employee who was responsible for the manufacture and marketing of mill rolls, and has an extensive understanding of this business and a commitment to its future,” Degeus concluded.

NCCM® Mill Roll technology is used in industrial manufacturing operations on continuous coil or sheet processing lines for wringing, oiling, de-oiling, tension/bridle or support roll applications. The company currently manufactures and markets six product lines:

* NCCM® Neutral Mill Rolls have a distinct advantage over competitive rubber rolls because the bonded construction produces a roll that is self-healing and durable;

* NCCM® CX-Series Mill Rolls designed for premium performance with chemicals; and

* NCCM® RK Mill Rolls which are premium performance bridle rolls.

Accessory product lines include:

* NCCM® Wiper Bars and Mill Wipes;

* NCCM® Platen Pads; and

* NCCM® Buff n Polish.

“We’re bringing a dedicated focus to mill roll technology and its future in the metal finishing industry,” says Niccum. “We have a great base to build our business with products that already have an earned reputation for performance and reliability. We’re committed to the continuous improvement of our technology and the performance of our products, and we have a valuable network of value-added resellers (VARs) that sell our products around the world and help us to be very responsive to customer needs. We’re committed to this business for the long term,” Niccum concluded.