MRA — The Management Association: More companies plan to hire interns

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Waukesha, Wis. – The results of MRA – The Management Association’s Hot Topic: Hiring Interns Survey of 500 employers show that slightly more companies plan to hire interns in the next 12 months compared to the previous 12 months. Of those hiring, 29 percent plan to hire more interns, 59% plan to hire about the same, and 12% plan to hire fewer interns.

The average intern earns between $10.80 and $14.00 per hour. The survey reports data for 8 different positions. Business and human resource interns earn on the low end of the range while engineering interns earn on the high end of this range.

Survey Information

MRA’s data reflects Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa conditions. MRA surveyed 500 companies: 57 percent from manufacturing, 24 percent from service / non-manufacturing, 9 percent from non-profit, 6 percent from financial, and 3 percent from health care. The survey also represents all sizes of companies from 1- 99 employees (49 percent), 100 – 249 (30 percent), 250 – 499 (13 percent), 500 – 999 (6 percent) and over 1,000 (2 percent). The survey data was collected in April of 2011.

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