Majorium Business Press: Entrepreneurs and business owners now have effective tools to increase productivity and profitability

Stevens Point, WI — Aug 15, 2011 / ( — If increased regulations, taxes and rising costs weren’t sufficient enough, entrepreneurs and small businesses are at a distinct competitive disadvantage with their larger competitors. This is due to a lack of a highly trained workforce. Research has demonstrated that companies with better-trained employees are more productive and profitable. Both are key factors in developing sustainable growth. The primary problem is that training is often very expensive, well beyond the budgets of most entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Majorium Business Press has created a viable solution, giving entrepreneurs and small businesses quality training tools to increase productivity and profitability at very affordable prices. Publisher, Timothy Bednarz stated, “We have utilized the same level and quality of training that we have developed for our Fortune 1000 clients, and packaged them into low-cost skill packs that any small business can afford, typically under twenty dollars apiece. There is no reason why any serious business owner cannot effectively train his/her employees to increase productivity and profitability.”

The company has published over 100 targeted-skill packs in the critical areas of leadership, management, sales, customer service, sales management and workplace compliance. Specific titles focus on specific issues such as, Team Building, Problem Solving, Empowerment, Handling Negative Employees, Gaining the Competitive Edge, as well as Handling Angry and Hostile Customers to cite a few. Each addresses specific problems and provides the strategies, techniques and actions required to solve the problem. They can either be used by business owners to build their own skills, or utilized to train their managers and employees.

Each skill can be to be utilized without the need for professional trainers. They can be used for independent study, or as a guide for managers to use as a discussion or training guide. Each delivers eight interrelated concepts providing a 360-degree perspective of the specific skill. Additionally, each skill pack generates a series of action plans that facilitate the training to the workplace and aligns it to the company’s goals and objectives. They are flexible, easy to use, adapt, understand and apply.

Majorium Business Press provides a high-quality, low-cost solution that any company can use to effectively train its employees to increase productivity, sales and profitability, making them a more formidable competitor in their marketplace. If companies wish to increase revenues and profits, they now have the tools they need to accomplish this, whether they have one employee or thousands.

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