Leadership Wisconsin: Wanted: Highly motivated individuals with demonstrated leadership looking to make a difference

Media Contact: Kimberly Clist, 608/263-0817 or [email protected]

Wisconsin’s future prosperity is directly dependent upon the quality and contributions of its leadership. Leadership Wisconsin recognizes the need for educating existing and emerging leaders and providing them with effective tools to develop initiatives that will enhance the quality of life and address social and economic issues in Wisconsin. Every responsible, informed and dedicated individual can have a great impact on the future of Wisconsin.

Applications are now being accepted for Leadership Wisconsin, the state’s premier leadership development organization with a national reputation for training visionary, yet pragmatic leaders who are bound by public need and not political favors; capable and willing to work at shaping our future. By engaging people in solution-seeking communication, Leadership Wisconsin encourages program graduates to assume leadership roles on community and statewide issues and develop networks for effective leadership.

For almost 30 years, Leadership Wisconsin has produced highly effective leaders. The experience consists of 11 seminars conducted throughout the two‐year period. Eight 3‐day seminars are held in various locations throughout Wisconsin. Also included is a one‐week National Seminar conducted in Washington, DC, a one‐week Regional Seminar somewhere in the U.S. and a two‐week International Seminar experience in another country. .

If you – or someone you know wants a life changing experience in leadership development, visit our website to learn more http://www.LeadershipWisconsin.org or contact our offices, contact (608) 263-0817.