Leadership Wisconsin: Program seeks applicants

Media Contact: Kimberly Clist, 608/263-0817 or [email protected]

Madison, Wis. Challenges exist for leadership at virtually every level of Wisconsin society. Issues such as land use, water quality, rural and urban interactions, and the competing interests of recreation, manufacturing, food production and quality of life create opportunities for conflict over a variety of public and private decisions. Organizational, business and community vitality requires a steady supply of empowering, motivated and entrepreneurial leaders.

Are you ready to take your leadership development to the next level? Leadership Wisconsin is recruiting people who have a passion to serve Wisconsin and their communities to participate in a program designed to teach understanding of public issues and develop expertise in dealing with critical problems facing our state.

The Leadership Wisconsin signature program is a two year life-changing event for emerging leaders from across Wisconsin communities. The program experience will increase participants’ knowledge and understanding of the economic and social changes affecting Wisconsin through the practical application of leadership skills and development of expertise in addressing critical problems facing Wisconsin communities. We bring together people from different backgrounds with different and more often than not, opposing agendas and we help them develop processes to work collaboratively. The application process is competitive; we are looking for the best people. We will give them a unique opportunity to increase their knowledge, their skills and expose them to a broad range of issues, information, contacts and experiences that will make them better leaders.

If you – or someone you know wants a life changing experience in leadership development, learn more by visiting our website http://www.LeadershipWisconsin.org or contacting our offices, contact (608) 263-0817.


To learn more about Leadership Wisconsin, visit: http://www.LeadershipWisconsin.org.

Leadership Wisconsin is a premier leadership development program with a national reputation for producing highly effective leaders. It’s a hands-on and demanding experience composed of 55 days conducted over a two year period: involves a combination of eight 3-day seminars held in various locations throughout Wisconsin, a one-week National seminar in Washington, DC, a one-week Regional seminar held somewhere in the United States, and a two week International seminar.