Know Your Care Wisconsin: New policy gives consumers clear and understandable information on health benefits and coverage



Know Your Care Wisconsin released the following statement on the new Affordable Care Act rule proposed by the Department of Health and Human Services, Labor and the Treasury to make health coverage more consumer-friendly.

“This new policy finally means that real people will be able to read and understand their health benefits and coverage so that they can make educated decisions when they are buying health insurance. By simplifying the language and ensuring that information is clear and understandable, this policy eliminates much of the existing confusion surrounding health care.

Workers and employers both win with this new rule, which ensures that Americans better understand their choices in health care. With clear choices between plans and benefits, the 180 million health insurance consumers with private health insurance coverage will now be able to make informed decisions about their health coverage.

The rules will ensure that consumers have access to a Summary of Benefits and Coverage and to a uniform glossary of terms commonly used in health insurance coverage upon request and before they buy coverage.

Consumers win with choice and information, and this rule promotes both.”

More information about the proposed regulation is available at:

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