House of Wisconsin Cheese: The Gouda Times — Volume 17, Issue 1

A Monthly Newsletter from House of Wisconsin Cheese

Volume 17 Issue 1 January, 2011

Long awaited, highly anticipated, it’s the New Year. (Huzzah, Huzzah—the crowd goes wild.) Bright and shiny and full of hope and promise, flipping over that final calendar month into January can go a long way to mitigate the effects of low temperatures, large clouds, and thoughts of lounging throughout the rest of the Winter. Here in Wisconsin, we get out and about when we can, and look for simple pleasures when the snow cover threatens or the mercury plummets.

Wisconsin Party-in-a-Box

This assortment was specifically created to enjoy at your Rose Bowl party.

(Oh well! It serves just as well to pay off those dang Rose Bowl bets…)

Playoffs…Super Bowl…any time you want to inject a little Wisconsin in your winter celebrations.

Mozzarella curd by Silver Lewis, Cheddar curd by Cedar Grove,

Port Wine spread and Sharp Cheddar spread by Merkt’s,

Sausage bites by Old Wisconsin, Spicy Brown Mustard by Uncle Phil’s,

plus Pretzel Twists. Just add Beer!

$50 shipped nationwide

$35 delivered in Dane County

Speaking of celebrations, you may want to wish Bob Uecker a Happy Birthday on January 26th. “Mr. Baseball” was born in Milwaukee on January 26, 1935. Roy Chapman Andrews, Naturalist and Explorer, was born in Beloit on that same date in 1884. Other famous folks with a January birthdate in Wisconsin are Carrie Catt, Suffragette, Ripon-1/9/1859; Chris Farley, Actor, Madison-1/15/1964; Eric Heiden, Olympic Skater, Madison-1/14/1958; and Jeane Dixon, Seer, Medford-1/5/1904.

Surely with a bit of creativity you can come up with SOMETHING to celebrate this month.

January White Sale

Not an “Event”, or a “Happening” or a “Thon”. It’s a SALE. Normally, Muenster cheese curds are $6 per pound. This month they are $5 per pound. They are as white and as crisp and as clean as January itself. Stock up now and save-they freeze well, just like those of us in Wisconsin do.

Muenster cheese curd


As crafted by Josh and Carla at Silver-Lewis Cheese Coop in Monticello, Muenster curd is different from Cheddar curd. It is still the fresh cheese off the top of the cheese vat, but doesn’t have the same rubbery texture you associate with Cheddar curd. It is the mildest form of Muenster available, and is cut into the curd cubes just as the cheese is done setting up and is still in the brine. To make Muenster beyond that step, the cheese would be cut into blocks, removed from the brine and schmeared with the enzyme-annatto mixture that coats the Muenster and gives it the tell-tale orange rind. Muenster curd is a mild yet salty precursor to that Muenster flavor.

Moving Forward

(the Wisconsin motto, aptly quoted by Russ Feingold)

The year is chock-full of possibilities—who can say where the road goes? We will continue to connect you with the best and the brightest in Wisconsin people, places, and products via this newsletter, our website, and our Facebook page. Let us know what you need, and we’ll do the legwork to bring the best of Wisconsin to you. Weather permitting—delivery is free in Dane County for orders over $25. Let’s celebrate!