Hoffman LLC: To share new approach to senior living projects


Scott Pigeon

Hoffman LLC | Director of Marketing

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Project development leader will present to senior living providers at annual conference

(Appleton, WI) Hoffman LLC project development leader Randy Bremhorst will present a new take on collaborating with owners and administrators of senior living facilities when planning housing projects during the 2011 Life Services Network Annual Meeting in Chicago March 23 – 25. Bremhorst, who has 12 years experience in the planning, development, design, and construction of senior living environments, will provide insight to senior housing providers and personnel on how to remain at the forefront of their own project development efforts.

Bremhorst points out that the standard practice of senior living project development used to mean the voices of facility owners and sponsors took a back seat. “Unfortunately, this meant that their vision wasn’t translated and objectives weren’t always met,” Bremhorst stated. “However, this trend is starting to shift and I’ll be discussing a new approach to consider—one that puts owners and sponsors front and center of the discussion and collaboration on a project. In essence, it’s a beneficial new take on the development team structure.”

With more than 25 years of experience in the design and construction profession, Bremhorst works closely with clients to gain a complete understanding of their organization’s needs and objectives. “If you don’t work with a client from the very start of the project you run the risk of missing their goals,” Bremhorst stated. “Involving owners at the start of the process and throughout ensures we are meeting their needs and providing their organization a valuable business solution.”

Hoffman is a nationally recognized leader in sustainable senior housing design and construction and was recently honored for their design of Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh’s new 77-acre campus, Eden Meadows. “The integrated project delivery approach our firm uses to engage clients in the planning and development of a project is the same approach that I will be discussing during the presentation,” Bremhorst stated.

Life Services Network (LSN) is the largest eldercare association in Illinois and one of the largest and most respected trade associations of its type in the country. LSN offers innovative programs, leadership and expertise on issues related to long-term care and senior housing services.