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Hoffman LLC says business owners can take simple steps to save money

(Appleton, WI) More and more business owners are turning their focus to the use of recycled and sustainable materials and practices because they know the benefits: it’s better for the workplace, employee productivity, the environment and the company bottom line.

“There was a time when myths about going green hide the many benefits available,” stated Sam Statz, director of construction services with Hoffman LLC, a planning, design and construction firm in Appleton. “But there is a lot more information available today about the benefits that show the kind of financial results business owners care about.”

While implementing certain green strategies can have an initial upfront investment, there are some actions that business owners can take immediately to start greening their business and saving money.

  • Audit your energy and water use. “Before you can make the right decision on how to best green your energy use, you need to know how much you are using,” Statz stated. “Audits can provide the information you need to make the best and most responsible business solution.”

    After an assessment of your electric, water and heating, ventilation and air conditioning use, you can then incorporate appropriate strategies to eliminate unnecessary energy uses. “Simple changes like installing occupancy light sensors, changing out standard toilets and sinks to more efficient models and changing ventilation filters more regularly can make a big financial impact without a huge cost,” Statz stated.

  • Use environmentally-friendly products. When remodeling, salvage and reuse as much as possible, seek out vendors that repurpose materials, use supplies with a high recycled content and select paints, sealants, and adhesives that have low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content to protect your indoor air quality. If possible, consider purchasing these products locally. It not only helps reduce the energy and cost required for transportation, but provides a boost to the local economy and shows your support for area businesses.
  • Get your employees involved. “It seems simple, but creating a work environment where employees can take part in the green movement can help with company buy in,” Statz stated. “It allows employees to invest in the company in a different way.” Simple things like switching over to glassware instead of plastic cups and silverware, putting out a recycling bin, and replacing office equipment with more energy efficient models can motivate employees to incorporate additional money-saving practices at work.

Taking small steps toward being a more responsible and greener business is easy and cost-effective. “Start by doing something simple and encouraging employees to do the same,” Statz commented. “Combining smaller, immediate improvements with several long-term strategies will provide a comprehensive plan that will make your business as sustainable as possible.”

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Hoffman LLC, based in Appleton, Wisconsin, is a firm of planning, design, and construction professionals whose mission is to make a positive impact on people’s lives and their environment by providing creative ideas and responsible solutions. Total Project Management: Vision Taken to the Power of Green® (TPMg), is Hoffman’s exclusive process that integrates efficient, healthy, and cost-effective building solutions that respect the environment while enhancing a building’s quality and value and reducing initial and long-term facility costs. Learn more at http://www.hoffman.net.