Green Cab: Introduces new Direct Ride Express

CONTACT- Amanda Schmidt (608)255-1234

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1621 Beld St. Madison, WI. 53715

Green Cab is Madison’s newest, all hybrid, shared ride, zone based cab company. We started service in September 2010 with 10 new Toyota Priuses. Since then, we’ve added 5 at the first of the year and are adding 5 more this June! At Green Cab, we are continually making improvements based on our customers’ feedback. We are excited to offer our new Direct Ride Express service!

Customers can now choose the option of our original Shared Ride or our new Direct Ride Express service. Direct Ride Express will guarantee customers a ride without sharing the cab. Direct Ride Express is a great option for people who may be in a rush, are trying to stay on a tight schedule, or just prefer the cab to themselves. Both Shared Ride and Direct Ride Express options offer customers the choice to take a green initiative in travel.

For Shared Ride, our rates remain the same. For our new guaranteed Direct Ride Express, just add $1.50 to the first zone and $0.50 each additional zone. Whichever service customers choose, Green Cab is the most affordable.

Want to know your fare before you ride? Check out our new fare calculator!

It is important to Green Cab that our customers know what their fare is before the cab arrives. That’s why we chose to be a zoned cab service and that is why we developed our own software. Our software automatically gives the call takers the price of the customer’s ride. Our dispatcher assigns the customer’s call to a driver, and that same price is displayed on the driver’s iPad.

Whether our customers choose Shared Ride or our new Direct Ride Express, they can be assured that the fare they paid yesterday will be the same today. By letting our customers know their fare before they ride, they can budget for their transportation costs. It is an important tool for our customers and they can be comfortable knowing their fare will be the most affordable in Madison!

As a green consumer, make the green choice – call Green Cab! (608) 255-1234

“Know Your Fare Before You Ride”