Gov. Walker: Talks with small-business owners

Contact: Cullen Werwie, (608) 267-7303

Madison—Governor Scott Walker talked this afternoon with small-business owners in Wisconsin on a conference call with the National Federation of Independent Business.

“Since our first day in office we have been concentrating on opening Wisconsin for business and encouraging job creation,” said Governor Walker. “Small-businesses are the backbone of our state and our nation. We have taken aggressive measures to lower the cost of doing business in Wisconsin so small-businesses can grow and put our people to work.”

On the Governor’s first day in office he called a special session to implement legislation that encourages job creation and opens Wisconsin for business. During the special session the legislature passed legislation to make healthcare more affordable for workers, small business owners and family farmers. Legislation was also implemented to transform the state’s legal environment to be more job-friendly. Additionally, the special session gave incentives to businesses to locate in and grow in Wisconsin.

Following the Open for Business special session the Governor introduced a budget and budget reforms to bring long-term stability to the state’s finances giving businesses the confidence to invest and grow jobs. The Governor’s budget reduces the state’s structural deficit by 90 percent and has a credit positive impact.