Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corp.: New targeted industries profiles available on FCEDC website

Contact: Brenda Hicks-Sorensen, (920) 929-2063 or [email protected]

Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation (FCEDC) is pleased to announce the release of our new, detailed industry profiles which reveal market opportunities for business growth in this area.

FCEDC completed an in-depth industry analysis for the following seven targeted industries: advanced manufacturing (machinery and metals); advanced materials manufacturing; agribusiness, food processing and technology; biomedical/biotechnical (life sciences); printing and publishing; transportation and logistics; and energy (fossil and renewable).

These profiles not only gathered employment, sales, concentration of each industry, and other facts for each industry, it also revealed gaps or unmet needs within each industry supply chain. Closing these gaps will result in:

* Job creation;

* More money brought into and kept in the county;

* Increased competitiveness of each industry overall;

* An attractive business environment for the missing or underdeveloped industries

— No or few local competitors;

— Pool of skilled workers; and

— Established assets and sales opportunities.

These uncovered gaps are potential market opportunities for existing businesses to expand and/or for new businesses to locate here in Fond du Lac County or within the region. These gaps were validated and verified by surveying industry experts in January.

Throughout 2011, watch for success stories within each industry; potential targeted industry brainstorming sessions at our new Center for Enterprise Development (The Center); and further educational opportunities to learn more about targeted industries. You may explore the new, detailed targeted industry profiles at

The mission of Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation is to improve the economic well being of the businesses, communities, and residents of the county via business attraction activities, existing business development, entrepreneurial services, community preparedness and consultation and workforce development.