Flambeau Mining Company: Statement on Ladysmith mine


Kris Naidl

414-276-6237 / 414-614-6208

Jana Murphy, environmental and reclamation manager for the Flambeau Mining Company, today issued the following statement regarding regular monitoring, results and best management practices that are in place at the Ladysmith mine and the industrial outlot that is leased to the Ladysmith Community Industrial Development Corporation:

“Media attention on our site is expected as there continues to be debate on the future of mining in Wisconsin. Our goal continues to be to share facts about our site, its strong environmental record and continued use of best management practices for the environment.

“As such, we wanted to be clear that the monitoring and results of that monitoring on an intermittent stream on our property is in no way new information even though it may result in news stories.

“We have been monitoring that stream and sharing the results publicly for more than 12 years. In fact, we contacted the state years ago about the levels of metals in stormwater on the mine site and proactively addressed it. As such, we have worked with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to put in place best management practices to reduce concentrations in stormwater runoff. Those steps, such as removing contaminated soil, resulted in reduced concentrations in the runoff.

“The facts are that our property is home to what was one of the world’s most concentrated copper deposits ever discovered. It is the nature of the immediate area and metal-rich region, and other area surface waters not near our mine have similar concentrations. Also, we permitted, constructed and operated our mine in accordance at all times with our mining permit, we now have reclaimed the vast majority of our property in accordance with all state requirements and the Flambeau River has been and continues to be protected.

“We understand our mine is an example used by all while the mining debate continues in Wisconsin, and we want to be sure these facts are also discussed at the same time.”