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December 15, 2011– Fitness for EveryBODY is excited to announce a new program, “Beautiful Bride Health Coaching,” which will begin in January 2012.

This program, led by Certified Health Coach Amy Friese, provides support and direction for optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health for brides-to-be. Participants will learn natural solutions and creative strategies to eat healthy, exercise regularly, reduce stress and balance daily responsibilities. Starting a new life with the partner of your dreams begins with being the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

“We are extremely excited to support women during one of the most celebratory and potentially stressful times in their lives with our Beautiful Brides Program. Preparing for your marriage is even more important than planning your wedding, and I’m personally committed to ensure every bride-to-be leaves the program a healthier, happier and fitter woman than when she arrived.” says Friese.

The program also offers yoga and Brew City IMPACT (boot camp) workouts, adding a fitness component and providing participants the opportunity to achieve improved physical health as well.

“I look forward to participating in Beautiful Brides Program,” says Kristine Petersen, Marketing & PR Director at Fitness for EveryBODY, and also a bride-to-be. “Balancing fitness and nutrition along with two jobs, and now planning a wedding, has been challenging. I am thrilled that there is a program geared specifically towards supporting me through the struggles and helping me recognize the ‘little things’ I am sure to encounter in the upcoming year.”

To register or find more information about the “Beautiful Bride” packages, visit

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