Faivre Implement: John Deere Gator donated to Plover Whiting Youth Athletics

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Real leadership often generates from the humblest persons – those who do not seek the limelight and prefer instead to remain quietly within their own environments.

However, Craig Giese, 2011 President of Plover Whiting Youth Athletics (PWYA) believes generosity deserves to be recognized, which is why he was very happy when a group of relatively “behind the scenes” donors agreed to publicize their latest donation to PWYA, a brand new John Deere TS Gator.

Jim Faivre (Faivre Implement), Don Hamerski (Hamerski Farms), Bruce Soik (Myron M. Soik & Sons) and Steve Worzella (Worzella & Sons) contributed the Gator, a multi-purpose, all-terrain utility vehicle designed to operate as a “mobile workhorse” for all kinds of needs.

According to Craig, “The John Deere Gator will serve us well! It can haul maintenance materials, team equipment, and refreshments to keep the team members and coaches hydrated; stock items for the refreshments stand and provide emergency transport for players or spectators along with rides for elderly or disabled persons.”

Designed to tackle almost any terrain, Gators deliver comfort, stability, reliability, towing power and winch lesser vehicles out of the mud. Their versatility and dependability fulfills the old adage, “Nothing Runs like a Deere.”

Faivre Implement previously donated the use of a Gator to PWYA for various tournaments and events throughout the years. However, earlier this year, Gary Smith, General Manager for Faivre Implement in Stevens Point, spearheaded the effort to secure the donation of a Gator to PWYA.

According to Craig Giese, “Our entire organization was ecstatic when Gary Smith announced at our January meeting that this special group was providing us with a brand new John Deer Gator we could keep for our own!”

“It actually took a few minutes for the news to sink in and become real. After Gary left, the room was buzzing with excitement. There were plenty of volunteers who wanted to become the official GATOR DRIVER for PWYA.”

“Having the keys hanging in our key box really drives home the reality of our own Gator,” Craig reveals. “Plans are underway to emblazon permanent lettering to the Gator’s hood that will recognize the entire group that was so generous with this donation.”

PWYA provides Plover and the surrounding communities with an environment where children enjoy learning baseball, softball and football. Their objective is to provide an outlet for healthy activity in a wholesome atmosphere while promoting good sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play, loyalty and discipline through good leadership and training.

By enriching the children’s lives in beneficial and positive ways, PWYA hopes to help pave the way for participants to become responsible, successful adults.

“Every year, PWYA requires funding of thousands of dollars to cover player insurance, equipment, field supplies, umpires, field lights, uniforms, trophies, pictures and many other expenses,” explains Craig. “Registration Fees only account for a portion of our income. Donations like this group’s John Deere Gator are critical to our success as a viable organization.”

The PWYA 2011 Girls & Boys baseball, softball and T-ball regular season and Greater Plover Tournament registration signups are currently underway. More information is available on PWYA’s website, http://www.pwya.org PWYA hosts four tournaments In June and July with 25-50 teams from all over the state, with turnouts encompassing 918 boys and girls and families.