Dean Group Media: The art of story telling – two critical components

Every business and each individual has a story to tell. It’s the story we use to attract new customers and grow . . .

What are the most difficult aspects of flying an airplane? Without a doubt, take-offs and landings. Screw up just one, and you’re in big time trouble.

The same is true of story telling (message development) in marketing.

Starting and Ending

How you begin and end your story are critical to the survival of your message. This applies whether a story is fiction or fact, advertising or information, the home page of your web site or a news release about your company.

Stop, Remember

Beginnings and endings of messages are about capturing attention and making the message memorable. If you fail to capture your audience’s attention right from the start, your message has a much greater chance of falling on deaf ears. If you fail to put the proper ending on your story it will lack closure, seem incomplete and frequently be rejected (forgotten) by your audience.

Too often, messages are ineffective because they start at the wrong place in a story, in the wrong way.

How do you start your story?

We can help.

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Dennis Dean is a former Emmy-winning journalist specializing in helping individuals and organizations tell their stories.