Dean Group Media: Story Vision Video launches in Wisconsin

(Thiensville, Wisc) June 28, 2011 – Dean Group Media of Thiensville, Wisconsin has announced the launch of Story Vision Video, an animated whiteboard Internet video production service. Story Vision videos are designed to simplify the way businesses explain who they are and what they do. Story Vision’s animated sketches are also excellent at explaining products, services and concepts to increase sales.

“Story Vision Video is a remarkably efficient method of telling the ‘story’ of your business from your website’s home page,” says owner and creator, Dennis Dean. “Businesses often put too much information in front of website visitors. When prospective customers have difficulty understanding a business, they go elsewhere. Story Vision Videos capture viewer attention and explains what you do in an easy-to-digest manner.”

The relaxed, often whimsical sketches and Dean’s trademark narrative style provide a pleasant experience that holds viewers to the end, turning visitors into prospects and prospects into customers, seeking more information and ready to buy.

Dean, a former award winning broadcast journalist long considered a master storyteller, understands the secrets of successful communication. “You have about a 90 seconds to capture attention, inform and motivate each viewer. You also want your story to be memorable. Story Vision Video does all of this.”

Dean says Story Vision Video is efficient from both a cost and communication standpoint. “Production costs are affordable, which is definitely an advantage in today’s economy. Our animated sketches are limited only by our imagination, and we have plenty of that.”

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