Dean Group Media: Must-have videos that will benefit your website, and your business

Video engages and can help tell your story like no other medium.

Rather than trying to cram everything about your organization into one long video, savvy website owners populate their sites with shorter videos that are topic-specific to the page they are on. Here are some different videos to consider for your site:

Marketing Videos provide a consistent, concise, focused message, especially when single-focused for a particular area of your business

Testimonial Videos provide 3rd party credibility not available elsewhere

How To Videos provide YouTube, Vimeo and other video search engine content, as well as content value to your own site

Case Study Videos provide brief, visual problem/solution scenarios

Demonstration Videos show off products, services and processes for clearer, better understanding

Meet our Staff Videos personalize the experience and can provide critical insight into a company’s philosophy and sincerity

Training Videos can provide “live action” demonstrations, clearer, more concise methods, slow-motion, graphics, animation and other interactive features. Also easily segmented for online use and disk use, enabling user to repeat segments as needed.

Remember – All well-produced videos will :

* Enhances communication by providing a clear, consistent message

* Provides greater illustration than simple text or photos

* Richer, more memorable through the use of moving images, text, audio, music, graphics

* Provides a certain “wow” factor through drama

* Provide a more motivating experience

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