DATCP: Comments requested for special potato pesticide registration

Contact: Jane H. Larson, (608) 224-5005

MADISON – Comments are needed on a proposed special pesticide registration for control of powdery scab, a potato disease.

The special registration proposed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection will allow growers to use Omega® 500F on potatoes for control of powdery scab. Omega® 500F contains the active ingredient fluazinam and is registered by ISK Biosciences Corporation, Concord, OH.

The special registration process allows states to register additional uses of pesticide products without prior federal approval. This provides states flexibility to meet local needs such as controlling an insect outbreak, weeds, or in this case, to control a fungus-like pathogen that causes lesions on potatoes. The lesions can result in lower tuber quality and rejection by the fresh, processing, or seed potato markets. Omega® 500F is currently registered in Wisconsin for use on potatoes, but only as a foliar application.

The proposed special registration will allow the use of 1.5 to 3.0 pints of Omega® 500F per acre at planting. The product should be applied in-furrow, over the seed piece with ground or aerial or sprinkler irrigation equipment, immediately prior to covering the seed piece with soil. The product cannot be applied within 14 days of potato harvest.

The proposed special registration limits the in-furrow use to 3.5 pints per acre per growing season. Applicators could use Omega® 500F as both a foliar application in accordance with the federal pesticide label and as an in-furrow application in accordance with the Wisconsin special registration directions, but the total amount of product applied must not exceed 3.5 pints of Omega® 500F per acre of potatoes per growing season.

The preliminary environmental assessment indicates that the proposed amendment will not require a full environmental impact statement. This special pesticide registration will expire December 31, 2015.

For a copy of the assessment, contact Matt Sunseri, DATCP, PO Box 8911, Madison, Wis., 53708-8911, (608) 224-4547 or review the assessment at the department Mon.-Fri., 7:45 a.m.–4:30 p.m., 2811 Agriculture Dr., Madison, 2nd floor. Comments received on or before 4:30 p.m., April 11, 2011 will become part of the preliminary environmental assessment record. Send comments to Matt Sunseri by mail at the above address or by email at [email protected].