DATCP: Bed bugs in Wisconsin — visit the new DATCP website

Contact: Jane Larson, [email protected], (608) 224-5005

Jim Dick, Communications Director, [email protected], (608) 224-5020

MADISON–A compilation of bed bug information is now available on the website of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection at bedbugsbite.wi.gov.

Blood sucking bed bugs have in recent years, been making a large-scale comeback in the United States, infesting homes, apartments, hotels, retail stores, dormitories, offices, even libraries.

“As the concern over bed bugs has grown, we decided to provide a comprehensive site covering bed bug related information,” said Matt Sunseri, DATCP pesticide specialist. “Unfortunately there is much misinformation on bed bug control so we hope to counter that by gathering existing, reliable material for the public and organizations,” Sunseri said.

Visit the new website to learn about:

* Why bed bugs are a problem, including links to local and national multimedia stories.
* How to prevent an infestation.
* How to control bed bugs using integrated pest management.
* Selecting and using pesticides including how to identify products registered in Wisconsin for control of bed bugs and why misuse of pesticides is a concern.
* What to consider when hiring a professional pesticide application business.

“Bed bugs are very difficult to eliminate so involving a qualified, licensed professional may be beneficial,” Sunseri said. “Attacking the problem yourself may not be effective. We did hear of a homeowner who tried their own heat method to control a bed bug problem but ended up burning down their home.”

That may be an extreme example but the risk from using the wrong pesticide or the incorrect amount can be harmful or make the problem worse.

Visit bedbugsbite.wi.gov to learn how to prevent bringing bed bugs into your home.

“Used furniture sitting on the sidewalk may be tempting but you don’t know if it is carrying bed bugs,” Sunseri reminded. “When staying in a hotel, check the mattress for tell-tale signs of bed bugs. The website carries pictures to show you what to look for.”

The website provide a number of existing resources for homeowners, renters, students, landlords, property managers, schools, health professionals, public agencies and pesticide application professionals to explore.

If you have questions on bed bugs, contact Matt Sunseri, [email protected], (608) 224-4547 or visit bedbugsbite.wi.gov.