Clean Lakes Alliance: Supports Edgewater development

CONTACT: Don Heilman, president, Clean Lakes Alliance

(608) 836-6973; [email protected]

Organization Lauds Plans to Create Better Public Access to Lakeshore

MADISON—The Clean Lakes Alliance today issued a statement in support of the Edgewater development project. The Alliance specifically lauded the project’s plan to improve public access to the waterfront as part of the development.

“Every year, thousands of people enjoy spending time on the water at events sponsored by the Clean Lakes Alliance,” said the Alliance’s president, Don Heilman. “From our annual Clean Lakes Festival to Aquapalooza, we see how much people here love getting out on the water. We are very pleased that the Edgewater development includes plans not only for more public access but also for better public access to the downtown shore of Lake Mendota.”

Heilman also noted that the project includes measures to mitigate storm water run-off and help protect the water quality of Lake Mendota.

“Plans call for minimizing the amount of sediment, oil and grease that enters the lake both during and after construction,” he said. “This will be an improvement over where we are now, because storm water currently runs untreated directly into the lake.”

Heilman predicted that the Edgewater development will help the Alliance heighten public awareness of the need to protect and preserve the water quality of all lakes in Dane County.

“The more people enjoy our lakes, whether that’s through boating or fishing or swimming or simply spending time on them, the more they will see for themselves how vital these incredible natural resources are to our quality of life,” he explained. “We very much hope that the planned Edgewater project becomes reality, because our goal of protecting water quality and improving public access to our lakes is one that this proposal can help us all accomplish.”

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The Clean Lakes Alliance is a not-for-profit organization devoted to protecting and improving the water quality of area lakes, streams and wetlands in the Yahara River Watershed. Its membership is comprised of waterway user groups, civic and business leaders and representatives from state, county and local governments. For more information visit