City of Madison: Building owners get a first-hand look at commercial solar

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Bryant Moroder


The City of Madison’s solar program, MadiSUN is hosting a commercial solar guided tour for local businesses and building operators. The May 24th tour, which is free for participants, provides a first hand look at several local installations. Commercial solar customers will be on-hand to talk about their own solar experience as well as solar experts and installers to answer questions.

“We chose these sites because they represent a variety of solar technologies including both solar electric and hot water systems,” says Jeanne Hoffman, City of Madison Facilities and Sustainability Manager. “Contrary to popular belief, solar doesn’t have to be installed just on roofs. We plan to visit pole-mounted solar systems that track the sun for better production and solar awnings that provide the added benefit of shading.”

The tour, co-sponsored by Madison Gas and Electric, is just one of several activities offered by MadiSUN to assist and support businesses and residents in understanding solar as a viable energy option. In 2007, Madison was one of 25 cities selected by the Department of Energy’s Solar America Cities program to receive special financial and technical assistance to adopt local strategies to accelerate solar adoption. Since 2007, the program has offered free solar site assessments for Madison businesses and residents.

“Every time I look up or read the newspaper, it seems like more solar and bigger solar projects are being installed” says Ms. Hoffman. EPIC Systems recently completed a 1,300 module photovoltaic array covering a parking deck at their Verona location. In fact, you can now view a handful of local solar installations on the MadiSUN solar map website, which can also give you an image of the solar duration for your building.

For more information about the May 24th tour, contact MadiSUN at [email protected], 608.261.5568 or visit