Brookfield Wellness Centre: Enzyme seminar to explain causes of fatigue and body pain

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Nov. 6, 2011

Brookfield, Wis. – A free Nov. 15 seminar at Brookfield Wellness Centre will explain the critical relationship between enzymes in the body and a host of common, often painful conditions experienced by many people.

“Enzymes: The Forgotten Secret in Human Health” will address the crucial role of enzymes in digesting food, and the many symptoms linked to improper digestion: fatigue, body pains, joint stiffness, headaches, indigestion, heartburn, and anxiety, to name a few.

The seminar will be at 6:30 p.m. at Brookfield Wellness Centre, 15400 W. Capitol Drive, Suite 202 (cream-colored building just east of Pilgrim Road). Attendees are asked to bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to the Food for Families program.

“Enzymes are required for proper digestion, and a shortage of enzymes can create a ripple effect across the body,” said Dr. Linda Dehnert, DC, IHS. “Digestion is the first line of defense in good health. If the digestive system breaks down, the body doesn’t adequately absorb food and a huge burden is placed on the immune system, which can appear as a variety of symptoms.”

Enzymes are required for every biological process in the body, Dr. Dehnert explained. Nothing happens in the body without an enzyme reaction. The problem, she said, is that many people don’t get enough enzymes in their diet and digestion suffers.

“Many of the symptoms associated with enzyme deficiency occur when organs begin to beg, borrow and steal from one another because there isn’t enough nutrition to go around,” Dr. Dehnert said. “This can create pain in unexpected places, along with a general sense of discomfort, tiredness and uneasiness.”

The Nov. 15 seminar will outline the potential symptoms of enzyme deficiency, and detail possible solutions – everything from lifestyle changes to undergoing enzyme therapy administered by a qualified health care professional.

Seating is limited. Interested seminar attendees are asked to RSVP at (262) 754-1211.

CONTACT: Dr. Linda Dehnert, DC, IHS, Brookfield Wellness Centre, (262) 754-1211
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