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Unlike Rest of U.S., Wisconsinites Prefer Gas Stations for Restroom Breaks

MILWAUKEE (September 2, 2011) – When on a car trip, gas stations are Wisconsinites’ preferred bathroom stop, according to a statewide survey conducted by Bradley Corporation of Menomonee Falls, a leading manufacturer of bathroom and locker room furnishings, including sinks, faucets, hand dryers, showers and lockers.

In Bradley’s 2011 Healthy Hand Washing Survey, 27 percent of state residents said a gas station was their first choice for a restroom break. (Kwik Trip was the gas station most commonly mentioned by name.) Coming in a close second as a preferred pit stop were state rest areas, which collected 25 percent of Wisconsinites’ votes. Fast food restaurants finished third, with 19 percent.

Interestingly, in the nationwide version of the hand washing survey conducted by Bradley, fast food restaurants were the first choice for 26 percent of Americans (McDonald’s was most frequently mentioned). Rest areas remained second with 25 percent of the vote, and gas stations, Wisconsinites first choice, came in third with 15 percent.

Whatever the location, the survey revealed state residents are diligent about washing their hands. Wisconsinites wash up 90 percent of the time after using a public restroom, a statistic that mirrors the nationwide response of 90 percent. The survey did find a slight disparity in the use of soap. State residents said they use soap 84 percent of the time after using a public restroom, versus 88 percent nationally.

When asked if they were germaphobes just 5 percent of Wisconsinites admitted being obsessed with cleanliness and having a fear of germs or unsanitary surfaces. That compares with 11 percent nationally.

However, when asked what three surfaces they dislike touching the most in a public restroom, stall door handles, restroom entrance doors and faucet handles came in first, second and third for both groups.

Wisconsin respondents also registered their annoyance with restroom fixtures. A total of 85 percent found it extremely or very aggravating to find a toilet paper dispenser jammed or empty, 82 felt the same way about partition doors that don’t latch closed, and 76 percent couldn’t stand a restroom that looked old, dirty or unkempt. While Wisconsinites’ responses closely matched the national levels at 87, 83 and 80 percent, respectively, state residents were still overall less aggravated than their counterparts throughout the country.

The online survey of 304 Wisconsin adults was conducted August 1-3, 2011.

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