Biomass Accountability Project: Experts to discuss health and taxpayer concerns from proposed biomass plant in Rothschild, WI

Contact: Meg Sheehan, Biomass Accountability Project

[email protected], 1-800-729-1363

WHAT: Panel to discuss concerns over proposed biomass plant

WHEN: Tuesday, March 29, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

WHERE: Rothschild Elementary Gymnasium, 810 First Street, Rothschild, WI

ROTHSCHILD, WI – Citizens in Rothschild, WI have been organizing to oppose a 50-megawatt biomass incinerator proposed by We Energies and Domtar Paper, which would expose 2,600 students from three elementary schools within two miles of the facility to toxic air pollutants. Meg Sheehan, environmental attorney, and Bill Sammons, MD, both from Massachusetts, will be presenting on the health risks and taxpayer subsidies associated with biomass power incineration on March 29, at the Rothschild Elementary Gymnasium, near the proposed site of the plant.

The forum will also address the negative taxpayer and ratepayer impacts of the project. “At a time when we are in a budget crisis, taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies for dirty energy projects disguised as “clean” makes no sense,” said attorney Sheehan. “Citizens know that clean energy doesn’t come out of a smokestack, and the backlash against this form of renewable energy is widespread,” she added.

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