Bioionix: Named eco-product of the year

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McFarland, WI — Bioionix, Inc.’s food safety disinfection process was named Eco-Product of the Year by In Business magazine as part of its Business Sustainability Awards program. This year’s program reflected an emphasis on melding good environmental stewardship with good business sense.

BioIonix manufactures water treatment equipment that generates a combination of disinfectants right from the water stream itself, eliminating the cost, safety concerns, and dispensing complications of traditional chemical disinfectants. “[The BioIonix process] is a great combination of food safety improvement and energy and water efficiency,” said one of the judges. “The food service sector is a tremendous resource user and waste generator. BioIonix provides a solution to both.”

About Bioionix, Inc.

Located in McFarland, Wisconsin, Bioionix manufactures high-performance, clean technology disinfection systems for industrial water applications, with a special focus on food safety concerns. Bioionix systems destroy bacteria and other pathogens, helping to ensure the safety of food products while extending their shelf life, and permitting the recycling of industrial process water to conserve its use while reducing operating costs.