Wisconsin FFA Foundation: Support the Wisconsin FFA Foundation annual campaign

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Nicole Nelson, Executive Director

Wisconsin FFA Foundation


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The Wisconsin FFA Foundation asks all FFA supporters to consider contributing to the 2009-10 campaign to raise $285,000 for Wisconsin FFA. You can help ensure agriculture’s future by investing in FFA.

An overarching challenge in agriculture’s future is feeding a rapidly growing world population using fewer resources than we do currently. World population is projected to be 9 billion people by 2040 – that’s a 30 percent increase in just three decades.

The people involved in agriculture and FFA will be the key ingredient.

Today’s freshman FFA member will be about 45 years old in 2040 – right at the peak of their careers. Wisconsin FFA programs are giving FFA members the knowledge, experience, and skills to do all those things and more.

Wisconsin FFA is preparing members to participate in the agricultural transformation that will take place over the course of their adult lives. Students are being stretch to think critically about agri-science curriculum and hands-on application. They are asking crucial questions to take rigorous scientific content to higher levels of analysis and evaluation.

You can step up and support today’s freshman FFA member by sustaining and enhancing the programs that have been core tenets of the FFA – proficiency awards, career development events, state FFA degrees, sectional leadership workshops, scholarships, chapter awards, agri-science fair, state FFA convention programs, and state officer support.

Just $20 supports one FFA members’ statewide activities for one year. Tax-deductible gifts can be sent with a note of intent directly to the Wisconsin FFA Foundation, 1241 John Q. Hammons Drive, Madison, WI 53717 or by calling 608-831-5058 to donate by credit card. Visit http://www.wisconsinffafoundation.org for more information.